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Are we teaching our Sons what we have been teaching our Daughters?
Take a pause and think, what were you taught while growing up? Were you taught to #ShareTheLoad?

For the longest time, women have been responsible for all the household chores. Gradually women also started following their passions and stepping out of their homes and earning for the family as well.
But they still carried the load of entire house work on their shoulders, resulting in extreme exhaustion or compromising on her career. 
The scenario has been changing; however it's not there yet!

The change in my own home was very gradual.
My mom would leave for her teaching job early in the morning but would start cooking for every one of us at 5.00 am in the morning. Which was rather unfair and I realized that quite late.
Having said that, my father would contribute towards the household chores like washing, cleaning etc. And this was good 20 years ago!
I am very grateful to haven't been raised with a sole purpose of being ‘someone's wife.’

I was raised to know how to cook and clean, for those are the things one should know how to do. And not because I need to master these things so I would be a suitable marriage prospect, but to be independent and survive on my own.
And I am also glad to have found a life partner who believes and lives these values.
He is capable of taking care of his own laundry and meals I am sure he will #ShareTheLoad always, as we share our lives.

What is wonderful is that, some brands understand this and take the initiative to bring about these changes as they have ability to reach the entire country with one film.

Here's one such amazing example:

It is really commendable that Ariel India has chosen to be the voice of #ShareTheLoad year on year, and educate people on gender equality which is very much required in households. We speak about gender equality in boardrooms, but we forget that it needs to start at the basic level – at our homes!
When we inculcate the habit of doing household chores in our sons today, they will automatically #ShareTheLoad as men tomorrow.

What is your take on this?
Would love to know your stories!


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  1. great post
    thank you for sharing

    1. I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing more than your post. LyricSoUp

  2. Nice photographs and collection. I agree we should teach son's as well as daughter's all the household chores.