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5 Reasons to Shop at Caratlane

Know what is the best reason to buy jewellery? Yes, you guessed that right, Diwali! 
And it’s almost around the corner. Just another reason to fulfil our desire of adding new items to our collection!

But buying jewellery from a shop can be a tiresome process, given the number of people! Chances are someone might just like the same piece you like and it would probably be the last they had, and you would have to settle for something else.
But fret not, Caratlane is here to save you the disappointment, chaos and the hard work of going from shop to shop to choose something you really like!

Here is why Caratlane is the best option when it comes to jewellery shopping:

1.User friendly Website

The website has a large number of designs. You can choose the design from the available ones or customize it yourself. You can choose the type of jewellery, the metal used, and the gemstone. Moreover, the website has the option of fast delivery which has over 2000 products ready to be shipped and reach you within 48 hours. You can also send someone a gift from the website You can also locate a nearby store with the website.

2. Try at Home service

The try at home is a free service from Caratlane, where you can try the jewellery at a place of your choice. You can pick the pieces you would like to try, and pick a place and time which suits you.
If you don’t like what you see, you can choose not to buy it.

3. Not the Same Old Gold Jewellery
Tired of seeing the same old jewellery everywhere? Need to try something unique, Caratlane is the place for you. From charms, to religious pendants, rings to mangalsutras, Traditional to daily wear, pearls to solitaires, you name it! Caratlane has something for everyone.

4. Some very Unique Collections
Caratlane has some really unique collections meant to make you want to get your hands on each of them.
They have recently come up with the Bombay deco Collection which celebrates the essence and spirit of Mumbai!
Mumbai is a city. 
Bombay is an emotion. Right?

It is a tribute to the most iconic buildings in Mumbai. The collection includes about 34 designs which are inspired from the various structures in Mumbai, like Eros Cinema, regal Cinema, Empress Court.
Tropical imagery, ziggurats, nautical designs and, geometrical patterns are some of the distinctive features unique to Bombay Deco.

The Bombay Deco range is available in Yellow gold, Rose gold and White Gold.

5.Great Customer Service 
The response is quick and they also help you with making a purchasing decision. The products are delivered within the stipulated time. You get what you see, the products are same as they show on the website. The customer care service is dedicated to solving your queries and make your experience a good one.

If you do pick something from Caratlane this festive season,do share the pictures with me. :)

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Hope to see you there.

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