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Red Hot Experience with AXN

They strike a pose, they pout and give that fierce look for the camera... winning so many hearts and inspiring so many of us! Fashion models are hypnotizing and I love them.
Well and America's Next Top Model has always been one of the top shows on my watch list.
And I was super stoked to attend AXN India's event for America' Next Top Model (ANTM) and man it was so much fun!

My day started with a glam makeover at Jean Claude Biguine. They made us look quite like the Top Models. Inspired by the contestants from the show, picked an all black outfit.
It was a black bodycon inside, with a long black duster jacket, belted at the waist.
And the very talented make up artist at the JCB Salon convinced me to go for an off beat pinkish purple eyes and I was up for it.
Love how the eyes complimented my hair!!
This is how it turned out. I loved it, how about you guys?

And for me the major highlight of the day was these grunge boots from Steve Madden!
Just look at them, they were love at first sight. I loved how they paired so well with my outfit.
These booties are from Steve Madden's Autumn Winter 17 collection and they will be hitting the stores in August. I know it's a long wait, but it's worth it. 

All dresed and ready to rock, from there we headed to Thalassa for the main event.
It was so good to catch up with all my blogger buddies, when we girls get together we have such an amazing time.
Add to it the glamour of America's Next Top Model and we were sizzling!
We watched a lot of glimpses of what's in store for us in this fab show and let me tell you, Tyra banks is looking hotter than ever and the clips were high on style & drama. You can tune into  America's Next Top Model Mon-Friday at 9pm on AXN. I can't get enough of fashion & styled, I am definitely going to be hooked.

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Hope to see you there.

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  3. Such a beautiful event! I'm so happy for you. Every girl on dreams about this. As a fashionista I would love to be the part of this event.

  4. Love the black on Black look. I am planning to create one pairing this black shirt

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