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How to Not give a Fuck?

At the cosmetics store when they suggest you buy a lighter shade of foundation
so you can look fairer and more beautiful.

Look into the mirror.
Tell them they are sooo right!
Ask for 2 shades darker.
Apply it, pay for it and walk out like a boss!

When people give you a hard time about reading cheesy romantic novels
instead of the 'intellectual' ones.

Make sure the title of the book is very visible.
Order for your drink.
Flip the page.
And read out loud a particular steamy & romantic scene to them. 
They are now secretly wishing to get their hands on that book.

When you wear your shirt dress as an offshoulder one or
you wear whatever the hell you want to and people pass judgements.
Listen to them carefully.
Tell them to repeat what they just said.
Listen to it carefully again.
And have a good laugh then and there.

When the over enthusiastic aunties try to give you unsolicited advice on life
and how you should be married by now.
Grab those huge head phones.
Plug them in your phone.
Blast your favourite number.
And close your eyes with a peaceful smile!

When they tell you, you eat too much junk.
Open that pack of chips dramatically.
Pick a wafer with utmost love.
Bite into it seductively.
And make a direct eye contact with the person preaching!

When people stop and stare while you are trying to get a decent picture of your #OOTD.

Find the posiest pose. (I know that's not a real word, but you know what I mean)
Lower your sunglasses.
Pout in their direction.
And let the camera go click.

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