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Himalaya Anti- Hair fall Range #4FabulousHair | Review

The other morning after a tiring day and much required sleep, woke up in the morning and found strands of hair on my pillow. I ignored it and started my day. I brushed my hair and was trying to style them, if you have curls like me, you know how the hair gets caught in the brush. Most days look like that!

I noticed this getting worse and I needed to change something.
I have experimented with  a lot of products but none of them have worked well on my hair.
So when this Himalaya Anti Hair fall Range package arrived, I thought, why not!
Did it work for me? Let’s find out, shall we?


Himalaya Anti Hair fall Oil
The Himalaya Anti Hair fall Oil is enriched with the goodness of Bhringaraja and Amalaki, this will help strengthen the root shats and prevent hair fall.

Himalaya Anti Hair fall Shampoo
The Himalaya Anti Hair fall Shampoo is an ayurvedic composition of Bhringaraja and Butea Frondosa that reduces hairfall due to breakage, conditions and improves hair texture.

Himalaya Anti Hair fall Conditioner
The Himalaya Anti Hair fall Conditioner nourishes hair and helps prevent excess hair fall, leaving your hair soft, silky and smooth. It is formulated with Bhringaraja, Butea Frondosa and chickpea.

Himalaya Anti Hair fall Cream
The Himalaya Anti Hair fall Cream, is a herb-based daily use formula of Bhringaraja and Amalaki for reducing hair fall and strengthening hair follicles.

Ingredients and Benefits

Bhringaraja: Bhringaraj oil is known for its cooling qualities and therefore, it can help in reducing stress and stress-related hair loss. The herb contains important nutrients that fulfill the deficiency of minerals that lead to uncontrollable hair loss hence promoting hair growth.

Butea Frondosa:Flame of the forest (Butea Frondosa) is a well known herb which strengthens your hair from the root and helps in promoting hair growth naturally.

Amalaki: Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and essential fatty acids, which helps strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair fall, it is also effective to get rid of itchy, flaky scalp.

Chickpea: Chickpeas have good amounts of protein and manganese which strengthen your hair and help prevent greying of hair.

Part your hair and apply Himalaya's Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil on the scalp.
Massage the scalp gently in a circular motion using your fingertips so that the oil is aborbed into the scalp.
Soak a towel in hot water and wrap your hair with it for 30 minutes before washing.

Gently massage Himalaya's Anti Hair Fall Shampoo into wet hair and scalp.
Leave for two to three minutes, and rinse thoroughly.
Repeat if necessary.

After shampooing, gently apply Himalaya's Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner along the length of hair from base to tip.
Leave for two minutes and rinse thoroughly after.

After conditioning, take a small amount of Himalaya's Anti-Hair Fall cream and gently run it through your hair strands, while it's damp.


 The entire range has a strong but pleasant floral fragrance which I am loving.
It fades away after a while, so it's not really bothersome. I am a fan of oil massages and this one is pretty good.
The conditioner does make your hair softer ad silkier. 

The hero product for me is the leave in cream, it helps smoothen my hair thus reducing hair breakage. I kinda started using it like a daily leave-in cream for my frizz.

 The Himalaya Anti Hair fall range is ayurvedic, therefore it does not dry up the natural oils or damage the hair texture.
I have been using this product since a while now and experienced a noticeable difference in the hair texture. Also, I do find fewer hair strands on my pillow ;)

Himalaya Anti Hair fall Oil: 100ml-INR 100/-
HimalayaAntiHairfallShampoo: 200ml-INR130/-
HimalayaAntiHairfallConditioner: 200ml-INR130/-


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