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A Day in my Life…

I can proudly say that I am no more a part of 9 to 5 (which used to be more like 9 to 8:30 PM) race. I love what I do and I do what I love, however clichéd it might sound, it’s a happy truth! 

That being said, it’s no cakewalk. I am working more hours, there’s no fixed weekly off and sometimes all I am doing is just working! But the best part is I'm working for myself and that's the most important thing! With all this, I am also always on my toes, juggling different tasks of different nature!

 I usually start my day with a 30 minute brisk walk in the local park. It gets me going for the day plus all the scientific stuff they say about rise in serotonin levels and increase in metabolism, yes that happens too! But in the past few days the weather is making this super hard for me.

I am not one to wake up at 6, I mostly go for walks at around 7:30 or 8 and man it is hot even that early in the morning these days! I have started carrying 7UP Revive with me as it is refreshing and helps to replenish the lost fluid & electrolytes. And the 330ml bottle is convenient to carry.

In today’s agenda we have one flatlay project happening with my visual merchandising & photography start up Polaroid Co and then after the sunlight gets a little less harsh, we will be moving to shoot two looks today.
I am sure most of you are aware about the flatlay mania that has taken over social media. 

Let me tell you I am obsessed with consuming as well as creating good looking and well merchandised flatlays.  Most of these clicks aren’t as casual and natural as they look. They are fine tuned to every last detail and it is hours of hard work and brainstorming.  And I automatically reach out for 7UP Revive between all the moving of props and back bending to get a perfect top angle. 

And as we are nearing early evening and we have got atleast 5 great flatlays, it’s time I go in front of the camera from being behind it. Phew!! Don’t get me wrong, styling-wearing-shooting different looks is the most fun part of my work, but it can get really difficult during the extremely humid and scorching Bombay heat. Even at 4:30 PM, the sun is blazing and the streets are on fire and for today’s looks we have to undertake a tiny trek in the outskirts of Thane. I have my bottle of 7UP Revive safely tucked in my bag!

Natural lighting is one of the most essential things in photography while doing street style and during most of it I will be posing facing the sun and in full glory of its golden light. Even though it’s the best thing for the photos, it’s not so good for me! Just 10 minutes in direct sunlight gets me dizzy & dull. 

I am usually tired right after my first look. There is a drop in energy levels as my body loses  fluid and essential electrolytes. But today 7UP Revive is helping me stay active as I am regularly rehydrating myself with sips of this Hydrotonic drink. It also contains Vitamin B3, B6 & B12 which is a win win for me!

I would recommend you to try out 7UP Revive this summer because I am definitely loving it.
Well the day doesn’t end here, I am heading out to a new resto launch and I know it will be a good night. There is so much happening when you decide to follow your dreams, you just need to be strong enough to take in all the excitement and also the inevitable lows at times.

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