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Woman's Day with Whisper Ultra Soft

Above all, be the Heroine of your own Life. -Nora Ephron

That is exactly what I have been trying to do since I can remember.
It started with playing dress up in front of the mirror to now running two start ups.
And with that I have million other obsessions and I want to try everything atleast once!
So there are too many things to do and too little time!

And as the stunning Radhika Apte clearly put it at the Whisper India's #UltraSoft launch, we are on periods for 5 days a month, 1/6th of the year and 1/6th of our lives.
And we can't spend 1/6th of our lives worrying, uncomfortable and doing nothing!

We need to go after our dreams even on those 5 days, we just need a little extra support with a good and comfortable sanitary napkin.

I was glad I could attend the Whisper India Ultra Soft launch this Woman's Day.
If you follow me on Instagram, you already know it was such a fun event.
We were in the land of unicorns & cotton candies.
Radhika Apte graced the event and talking about the need for women in India to realize their full potential and be unstoppable in life, Radhika Apte said, "It's important for us women to create a sense of self-worth in everything we choose to do in our lives. We need to be unstoppable and realize our full potential. This is possible only when we feel comfortable in our own skin. Comfort is also a factor that matters in a woman's life. We want to be & feel comfortable not just on regular days but also during those five days of month. It's necessary to make our needs priorities which include opting for the best sanitary solutions like 'New Whisper Ultra Soft' that provides superior 'comfort' a girl deserves.

And I totally agree!
We actually saw the live demonstration proving all the facts below:

The new Whisper Ultra Soft is 2X softer that feels extra gentle to skin.
It has special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked.
It has longer length with wider back for long lasting performance.
It contains fresh odor free pearls.

I would definitely recommend this new #UltraSoft and urge you to take on the Comfort Challenge.

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Hope to see you there.

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  1. Looking so pretty, elegant and absolutely gorgeous top to bottom! LOVE your outfit!