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Ahoy Sailor! | How to wear Nautical trend

Declared part of the French Navy’s standard issue by the 1858 Act of France, the navy-and-white-striped shirt made it easier to spot sailors who fell overboard. In the century since, the so-named nautical stripe has exhibited some survival skills of its own.
The nautical stripe is one of those timeless fashion trends which never goes out of style. As your Flipkart Fashion Expert, I’ll show you some fun ways to style it!

The simplicity and versatility of the nautical stripe make it a great print to wear – whether in pants, skirts, dresses, tops or even bags. Did you know, it’s also one of those prints which can be worn in both the top and bottom?

In this outfit, I have worn the stripes in both my crop top and pants, but you can choose to wear them in only one as well. These prints just shout summer, and here are the different ways you can wear them:
1)    Maxi dresses – What’s better than a long, flowing dress in white and blue stripes for the summer? Nothing! This one’s a must.
2)    Crop tops – Like nautical stripes, crop tops too never go out of style. Combine the two, and you have a winner!
3)    Blazers – Make your office look stand out with a blazer in stripes – pair it with a white shirt, and look elegantly stylish.
4)    Tote bags –If you’re skeptical (please, don’t be) of wearing stripes, show them off with a tote bag! Spacious and chic, tote bags are perfect for summer days.

Well, there you go. Nautical stripes are a timeless classic – and a wardrobe essential. They’re also one of my favorite prints. Head to for the best collection of clothes in nautical stripes!

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