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Woolen Care 101

We are all loving the nip in the weather, aren’t we? All my woollies are out of the closet and on my Instagram. ;) And I am having so much fun with them.

Well but these woolen babies need to be taken care of as woolen as a fabric is more prone to shrinkage, catching germs and the woolen threads are very delicate. So, keeping a woolen garment looking it’s best (for as long as possible) takes a little bit of care.

Here are few of my Woolen Care tips:

1.      Give your woolen garments a break of 24 hours before repeating it as this will give it time to recover its shape.  

2.      Woollies don’t need too much ironing but if you do need to attend to a few creases, iron on the reverse.

3.      Never use scalding hot water while washing or bleach on wool items.

4.      Use a right detergent which is specially designed for woolen care.
Wipro SafeWash is a great option, with its 7 benefits, enriched with the goodness of neem to give expert care.

Safewash’s unique pH formula does not contain soda or bleach. It’s active conditioners keep them soft, fluffy & looking like new.

Benefits of Expert Care:
- Protects Colour
-No shrinkage
-Germ free protection
-Fresh fragrance
-Soft feel
-Gentle wash
-Retains Shine

I have been using this from a couple of weeks and I definitely recommend it.

5.      Do not wring or twist the woolen garments. Roll them in a dry towel and squeeze the towel without really pulling or stretching it to remove excess water.

6.      Never hold up a wet woolen garments by the shoulders, it’ll stretch it out. In fact, keep them in a lump when you go to pick it up when wet.
Have fun with your woollies folks! Happy Winter :)

7.       If drying on a hanger ensure the garment is not too damp (as the weight of the water will stretch it)
8.      Launder garments before packing them away for the summer and store in air-tight or sealed containers, if possible with moth repellents.

Happy Winter :)

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