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Rajasthan Photo Diary

Rajasthan was a treat to senses.
The days were filled with art, architecture, colors, fabrics, delicious food, stories, conversations, scenic views, laughter and lot of Rummy.
Yes got myself a new addiction during this trip that was Ace2Three.
The blasts of colours here give you an high.
You just can't stop tripping on it. Specially in home decor & fashion.

And then you are suddenly thrown into this raw & rustic environment also blending in the royal.
You get used to this charm and later find your usual grey concrete rather drab.

And the highlights are the breathtaking sand dunes.
The sun reflecting golden light all over the endless stretches. Makes you rethink your entire existence!  

All this and the magical nights. The lights & colors here are what Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies are made of.

The six days I spent here was the best part of 2016. After a much needed break from all the hard work ;) 
And the Rummy I keep talking about was a great stress buster.
I played it on this app called Ace2Three. I like how you can get on it anytime & anywhere.
Specially while travelling it is such a blessing while while waiting at the airports, queues, check ins and also on road when you want to take break from hanging your head out of the car like a dog. (yeah that's me all the time :P)

I need to go back to Rajasthan again, for more days this time!

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Hope to see you there.

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  1. Awesome photos. You look so pretty.