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Decor Inspiration | Beautiful Homes

Hey pretties, do you feel the winter creeping in?
I sure do and I am so excited.
Also, I want to change the decor of my room and shake things up a little.
And right now I am in the phase where I am mulling over 2016, also on how I want my 2017 to be. And there's something I am doing about it.
Beautiful Homes e-Magazine has become my go to destination for my Decor Inspiration.

Below are the 3 things on my wish list from Beautiful Homes e-Magazine.
One of which I have already implemented.
Check it out...

As I said before, I am in this planning phase for 2017,
I have created a Vision board inspired by a very simple DIY from Beautiful Homes.

Check out the DIY here: Make your own Memory Board

I couldn't find a soft cork board, so I decided to go with a thermocol sheet.
And instead of a canvas cloth, I really wanted to use the faux fur. :)

Cut out the thermocol in your desired size.
And just pin the edges of the fur cloth behind with drawing pins.

Well that's it!
Now print & cut out the pictures that you want to display
& start pinning them with pretty rose gold drawing pins.

My vision board is ready and this was unbelievably quick & easy.

Two other decor recommendations I would like to try out are below:

The kitchen window sill is a good place to grow herbs for use in the kitchen."

Quaint and useful, no?

Image Courtesy:

"Super stylish and easy to maintain, succulents are slowly finding their way into our homes, one pot at a time."

Image Courtesy:

What I love about Beautiful Homes is that they bring you inspiration right from some amazing Indian homes and share tips that work in our Indian homes. 
This makes it easy to actually implement the ideas in our own spaces. :)

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Hope to see you there.

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