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Date Night Outfit Tips

Secret revealed!!! Pull off your date like a pro with these fashion tips!

Dates other than giving you butterflies in stomach and mushy thoughts brings a little paranoiac thrill with it. Tell me if I am wrong, be it a first date or several dates after, there is always a cliché to it. Your mind will juggle between dresses, what to wear, how to look and a zillion more thoughts.

Well, the key to getting through all this is by staying cool & calm, but well, these are mere words! Going on a date and keeping calm?

Here we are helping you with quick 10 tips to go through which is sure to help you.

Outfit Selection – Plan before hand and be sorted on what you plan to wear. Do not over do, fashion should not compromise with comfort. Wear something comfortable and something that will make you feel good.

You can't go wrong with a LBD, if you want to go for something different full-length dresses can be picked up for the occasion.

Hair –It is not a time to experiment, sport something you are comfortable in and you know thAT will compliment your outfit. Avoid coloring/dyeing, a sudden haircut might not be a great idea.

Body Odor – Please take a good time to take a bath, if you are not a fan of deodorants, pick a subtle and mild evening fragrance to sport for the occasion.
PS: Don’t forget to pop in a mint drop before you head out and keep a few in your bag!

Makeup – Skip experimenting!
Makeup and hair are just not the right things to experiment for the occasion, well, skip experimenting anything for the day. Settle for the basic products. Do the base (foundation, concealer and compact), add little kohl and mascara to eyes, a rosy flush to cheeks and a tint to the lips and you are all set.

Shoes – Comfort is the key!
Something that compliments your outfit as well keeps you in comfortable all through your date. Platform heels are a great option, only if you want to wear them and you are confident about them. If not flats too are a good pick to go ahead with.

Accessories – Do not load yourself up, minimalism is in trend currently.

You can pick any one statement accessory, remember do not load yourself!

Either a statement earring, neckpiece or bracelet will do!
Small, compact bag or purse that should keep your essentials, wallet, kajal, lipcolor, phone,and keys (if relevant)

Hope these quick tips help you get through all nervousness!

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