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5 Types Of Dresses That #MumbaiGirls Must Have

They call it Mumbai – a city of creation; we call it Bombay – a city of passion!
This city has loads of surprises to offer you but all you need is patience to understand it. From daily  roar of streets, chatpata road corner cuisines and flourishing minds infashion industry, all can be seen here, at this single destiny. 

So, here is a quick revision of 7 types of dresses that a #MumbaiGirl will obviously have in her wardrobe. 

‘She is quick, she is bold, she is outspoken, she knows when to give it back and she carries her outfits like no one else’!

Here are the things that you can steal from any of your Mumbaikar friend’s closet...

Loose Fits For Moody Office Times

Mumbai is the New York of India because the city never sleeps. So, it’s quite okay if you’re suffering from work-hangover and do not want to bother yourself dolling up!
Opt for loose or baggy T shirts and shirts and pair them with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Select online western wears from your sizes and flaunt your style. 

LBD For Glam Nights

If you live in Mumbai and haven’t visited some of the best pubs and night clubs of the city then it’s a waste! LBDs or little black dress is one of the staples when you are going to attend any of these parties. (and of course it takes least of your time!).

Shirt Kurti For Formal Settings

Shirt kurtis are comfy in the cities sweltering heat plus keeps you looking chic. You can pair them up with rugged jeans or leggings and espadrilles or ballerinas.

Designer Saree for Occasions

#MumbaiGirls love to throw lavish parties and are always up for unplanned parties too. So designer online sarees are the best bet at these moments. Also, if you have dhotis, then drape your saree around the same to add some quirk.

High Heels & Floppers

High heels and flats are the must-haves in this city and if you are short of space then platform wedges will definitely serve you the best.

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  1. Seriously, it must have. Thanks for sharing it. Very helpful.

  2. Saries are great, Tops skirts are fine but I dont think Mumbai girls are wearing western dresses to much out in the open. India has its own culture, little mix up with others is great but no need to completely adopt them.
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  3. Yup, Every girl should have such types of dresses. But I think so Kurti is one of the best and comfortable type which every Mumbai girl wear in her day to day life. Thank you for sharing with us.

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