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Why a girl needs UrbanClap on her phone?

Being a woman is fun most of the times and it’s even better when you can pamper yourself or get things done all by yourself. I like that feeling of being independent and UrbanClap sure helps me with it a lot.

About UrbanClap:
UrbanClap is a one stop destination for all urban lifestyle services. They help you hire local professionals to get things done that matter in your life. Currently, they are the fastest growing start up in India.

Here are 5 reasons why every girl needs UrbanClap at her fingertips.

1.    Pamper Sessions
We women are sucker for pampering and ofcourse we want to unwind and relax with a spa after a long day or over a weekend. At the same time we don’t want to step out, do we?
UrbanClap to your rescue! Select from various salon and spa services delivered right at the comforts of your home with extremely skilled and experienced professionals.

2.    Staying Fit
Well monsoon is exactly the time when your yearly gym membership goes to dumps. You hardly feel like leaving the house, forget heading to the gym for a work out.
Well there’s a way around this, you can hire a yoga expert or a fitness trainer at home via UrbanClap. Yay!

3.    Dance it off
Also, don’t give up on your hobbies you! They are just a clap away.
For instance there are so many of us who love to dance and wouldn’t mind some professional skills in a couple of dance forms. You will find trained professionals here to advance your skills in hip hop, salsa and even Bollywood dancing. Go check out.

4.    Tiffin at your Desk
So you aren’t into cooking? Nor do you have time for it. Clap for tiffin services delivered right at your doorstep. Say what!

5.    Fix It

You don’t need no man in you life for fixing things around your home. Nor do you have to get down and dirty on a weekend instead of relaxing.  UrbanClap takes care of that too.
Plumbing, deep cleaning, car cleaning, repairing microwave, pest control and even electricians, carpenters, movers & packers to name a few are the services that you can hire through UrbanClap. So we just do it!

Download the app and check out the extensive list of services which are just a clap away here:


On that note, I am totally digging their recent ad campaign. It warms my heart.
Check it out for yourself:

Love the way how they always support women empowerment and equality. And with this ad campaign they support the right to love anyone you choose irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or sex.

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