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How I Stay Organized | 5 Tips

I have realized working for yourself and working from home needs a lot of self motivation and organisation. And I was struggling with it for quite some time and now I have put down a process that works for me.

Hope it works for you too. And it's better to be organized and planned no matter whom you work for and where. So read on...

#1 Set monthly goals and then plan your weeks depending on them.
Jot down everything that you need to achieve in that particular month, meeting you want to do and tasks you want to cover.
Then spread them out over a period of month.
This gives you a clear weekly plan to achieve your monthly goals without overwhelming yourself.
Also, keep space for the unexpected or impromptu tasks that might crop up.

#2 Plan your week on Sunday night.
I started planning my week on Sunday nights and it took off a lot of pressure from my Mondays.
There is something satisfying and relaxing to having worked out how your coming week is going to look like.
Could snooze off peacefully on a Sunday night.

#3 Divide your Day in 3 slots.
Now when you are planning your day, divide it in 3 slots.
Morning, day and night. That way you know in which part of the day what things you are going to get done.
Also, I avoid putting tasks in exact time slots because let's be real most of the things are not going to happen right on that time. And when that doesn't happen I feel discouraged and I have this crazy pressure to keep up, which does not help.
The planner I use by Nirmala Franklin, helps me with this a lot.
Check out the review at the end of this post.

#4 Check your plans in the morning & Set reminders on phone.
This doesn't need much explanation. Best to check how your day looks like fist thing in the morning, it warms your brain up! :P Also, you can set reminders for a couple of important tasks for the day.

#5 Write down all that you have accomplished in the previous week.
Congratulate yourself on completing the tasks of previous week. Reflect on what you did right. Also, if something didn't go as planned, take it as a lesson and figure out how you could have done it better.

This year I have been using the amazing planner/organizer from Nirmala Franklin as I mentioned before, it literally has everything I need in a planner.
Let's take a look...

Hope these tips help you.
And you can check the Nirmala Frankling Planners here.

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  1. I am so pathetic at using a planner. This one looks super pretty though.

  2. Nice post :)