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Why a Steam Iron for Winter?

If you hate wearing wrinkled and uneven clothes, say aye!

But I hate ironing too. :P
But that is something we have to do and can’t get out of doing it. Also I am afraid of giving my clothes out for laundry, have trust issues! So I just pull my socks and get down to ironing.

But now that we can wear warmer clothes, the part where we wear wrinkled free clothes get difficult. You guys might have noticed how ironing the thicker knits, fabrics and wool is tedious and time consuming.
Steam Iron comes for your rescue! The one that I just tried is from Maharaja Whiteline.

Why I love it ?
  •  Maharaja Whiteline AQUAO Steam Iron is an upgrade from the older electric irons. Efficient and convenient to use.
  • For fabrics such as wool & knits, it will get the wrinkles out faster and easier. You just have to know what temperature to use and how much steam to use on each type of fabric to get the best results.
  • It gets the job done quickly and hence saves time.
  • Weirdly freshly ironed clothes with steam iron gave a nice warm feeling too. A plus in winter. ;)
  • Also, chilled nights mean heavier & thicker beddings and duvets.
  • You can keep them wrinkle free, without too much effort using this steam iron.
  • I used it on my favourite white duvet, you guys might have seen it on my Instagram.
  • Refresh your thick curtains with it, by gliding it up and down the panels, removing tough wrinkles and even improving dull colors as you clean.

Maharaja Whiteline AQUAO Steam Iron Features 
Light weight and aesthetic design makes it comfortable to use. It has an extra large water tank which is easy to fill & easy to spray. 
It has a great steam output as it has enough number of vents. 
The narrow front design makes it possible for the iron to reach all the corners. 
You can also iron vertically.
This steam iron is getting extremely convenient for winters! 
I guess more than me, my mom is happy to discover this! ;)
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