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Unbox with Liva

What then is Freedom?
The power to live as one wishes.
-Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you pretties follow me on Instagram,you might know I had been to a rocking event recently hosted by Team Liva. The theme being a brilliant #UnboxWithLiva.
what is liva indian fashion blogger
Who likes to feel trapped? Uncomfortably stuck?
Helpless in work or social situations?
Or like to be boxed, in one place, a situation?

No One.

stood for just that.
Free yourself from the usual, uncomfortable, undesirable.
AS for us bloggers we are mostly working alone from our bedrooms, sometimes even from the bed.
No team, no colleagues just a lot of editing, writing and corresponding.
Liva encouraged us to #Unbox, step out, bring a change.

And for Indian women Team Liva have got in a fluid fabric,
what little they can do to #unbox Indian women.
what is liva indian fashion blogger

What is Liva and Fluid Fashion you might ask!
I had the same doubt when I first went out shopping for Liva as we were to attend this glitzy event that happened in Bunglow 9, dressed in Liva itself.
I was looking for Liva the brand, 
turns out, Liva is a special fabric that is available with various popular brands.
what is liva indian fashion blogger
what is liva indian fashion blogger
what is liva indian fashion blogger
what is liva indian fashion blogger
I picked out a black and white long, slit kurti from Izabel Pantaloons 
& a fuchsia flared bottoms.
Dressed in this pretty combo I headed to the event around 3 in the afternoon. 
The venue was so very well decorated and I met some amazing bloggers there.
The wine and dine began and good times rolled.

We were then enlightened about what Liva exactly does for you.
Along with the host for the day, the lovely Freishia, RJ Archana and fashion choreographer Shy Kalra, we were taken through all that Liva is and stands for!

So what is Liva?
A new-age naturally created fabric (in a pure or blended form) 
that transforms not just the garment but also the person wearing it.
It is comfortable, soft, 100% natural, and eco-friendly. 
It aims to aims to keep you going through the day without being weighed down.

It is made from natural fibres which are produced from wood pulp, a natural renewable resource. 
The pulp used is from trees which are specifically grown for this purpose i.e. more new trees are planted than trees are cut.
It gives the earth a much-needed green cover, saves 6-7 times more land in comparison to cotton, and saves 3-4 times more water than usual.

My Experience
As I mentioned I had left home in scorching October afternoon 
and was there at the event for almost next 5 hours!
And no kidding, I didn't complain about heat or any other discomfort even once. 
I was enjoying the event, socializing and then commuting comfortably. Everything that Liva claimed turned out to be true!

And it sure is a blessing for Indian women, specially in Bombay,
where weather never plays fair.
It's like a necessity.
I am going to try and search for the pink LIVA tags next time I go shopping. 
They currently retail with AND, Global Desi, Pantaloons, 109, Lifestyle, Fusionbeats to name a few.

Let's feel #BoxyNoMore. :)

Do connect with me on 
Hope to see you there.

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  1. This thing sounds quite interesting, would love to get one of their clothing!

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