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Le Smoking

I recently read about YSL’s rebellious and iconic style, 'Le Smoking'. 
The feminist in me was totally intrigued by the entire story and thought it was quite fascinating.
In August 1966, Yves St Laurent shocked everyone with what was one of the most influential and iconic designs in 20th century fashion history.
Le Smoking was the first tuxedo for women.
  It consisted of a classic dinner jacket in black satin and trousers with a satin side-stripe with a ruffled white shirt, black bow tie and a wide cummerbund of satin.

Back then it was still controversial for women to wear trousers in Public. 
So considering that, the ’Le Smoking’ suit was a very bold move.
And pitching this look like as an evening wear alternative to little black dress 
came as a cultural shock to many.
So, dressing in this tuxedo declared the wearer bold, daring, 
on the cutting of fashion and also a feminist, and someone who wanted to break the shackles of existing discomfort and rebelling against the pre defined old rules.
Their ideology being, "If men can wear this, why can’t I?"
And as you know trousers went on and became huge 
and now a must have in every woman’s wardrobe!

I believe style is a result of various factors.
It’s one’s personal experience, 
how one feels when they are wearing something, 
what it stands for and how they have evolved. 

Just like ‘Le Smoking’ had its reasons, most styles or even individual styles reflect more than just a color or a fabric.

And in this world of Fast Fashion and so many Apps, 
I came across Adoro and their campaign ‘Le Adoring’ 
which is a modern take on Le Smoking, where  everything is about your personal style, 
and I also got a chance to connect with the creators of the App too.
Check it out here!
With Adoro you follow the people that match your individual style, 
shop their looks and explore more pieces that are meant just for you.  
Find your friends, style leaders, designers and brands to follow and build your own style community
Every time you open the app, you’ll see new looks and discover amazing products shared by people you follow. 
As you interact more, Adoro learns about your style. 
The more you use it, the better it gets! 

The ‘brilliant workings’ behind the app will bring personalized list curated just for you. Gradually the app will understand your likes and dislikes and your Style Experience will be magically streamlined.

So you no longer have to look at thousands girls wearing crop tops
when you are not even a tiny bit into it and your phone won’t be buzzing with notifications to buy something which you are not even into in the first place.
I have started using Adoro and I am totally loving it!

If you think your style resonates with mine go check out my profile on Adoro. 
If you think you, yourself have a distinct style and can be the next Yves St Laurent , 
then create your own ‘Le Smoking’ on Adoro 
and go make it a rage!

Link to the App:

Do connect with me on 
Hope to see you there.

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