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Folk in Vogue

I recently tried my hand at a very popular Indian folk art, the Warli Art.
It was at an Art Workshop held by Baaya Designs at Asian Paints Gallery in association 
I had taken a paint brush in my hand after almost 2 long years,
It was quite an experience as it connected me back to the forgotten artist in me. :P
The workshop got me interested in the stunning and varied folk art from India and how beautifully we can incorporate it in our Decor.

Ms Shibani Jain from Baaya Designs highlighted some pretty amazing facts about Indian Folk art and I gained some great cultural insights.

We were taken through various folk arts from India which are installed as decor at some amazing places. Baaya desings have tied up with the local artists & artisans to create magnificent art and through Baaya designs they can reach the urban India. This brilliant network provides local artists the right exposure and we get to witness and buy some amazing art.

One such place is Asian Paints, 
where they wish to revive Indian folk art through their 'Folk In Vogue' collection. 
It includes few of the wonderful designs like Gondi, Warli, Kalamkari, Madhubani and Bengal Patachitra. 'Folk in Vogue' can bring home colors and designs of traditional India to add vibrant energy to your home. You can choose to paint this art on your walls as well as your furniture, customizing it according to your taste.

I think this a great concept and works well with our Indian homes. Don't you think so? :)

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Hope to see you there.

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