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Your Quick Guide to Right Neckline

 From Bollywood to daily soaps, designer salwar kameez has become the all time favorite for the leading ladies. From the simple girl next door to the highly sophisticated business women, salwar suits are many and varied according to the role played by the character. Apart from the style, length and shape of the salwar suits what differentiates them are the pretty necklines. 

What kind of a neckline you should choose for yourself depends on the occasion as well as the shape of your face and body. 

Here are some of the most amazing necklines that may steal your heart away. Ask the tailor to get such adorable designs made for you next time you need your salwar suits to be stitched.

 Scoop Neck
Scoop neck is a popular neckline for Indian anarkali dresses and one of the most attractive ones that we have.

Isn’t it wonderful how the wide and deep scoop neckline accentuates the appeal. The floor length anarkali looks charming and sensuous because of the deep scoop that exposes a generous amount of the neck. Women with smaller necks and bust look good in scoop neck dresses.

Closed Neckline
Our choice for a sophisticated and glamorous party is a closed neck floor length suit. Closed necks look good both with sleeveless and full sleeved dresses and give you a dignified appearance instantly.

This blue & orange suit with a detailed designed closed neck looks extremely fancy and glamorous. Be chic and happening with this suit replete with embroidery all over. Such novel designs of salwar suits make the apparel ever appealing.

Sweetheart Neckline
A neckline with two arcs tapering down till the bust is called a sweetheart neckline. Look dainty, elegant as well as attractive with this beautiful neckline, quite popular for anarkalis and long, straight suits.

Keyhole Neckline
When the usual neckline converges to form a keyhole like opening, it is called a keyhole neckline. The keyhole style opening is present just below the collarbone. In some cases the opening is small but in some salwar suits, the opening may be big enough and of different shapes. 

Boat Neck
Do you have a sexy collarbone? Well then flaunt it with oomph. This is what boat necks are made for. It runs from one end of the collarbone to the other and makes you look attractive. Boat neck blouses, suits and kurtis are in fashion now.

This style suit reaffirms how classy and attractive boat necks can be. The silk gown style anarkali suit has a flattering boat neck which accentuates the beauty of this uniquely designed suit. The silk skirt like portion is highlighted because of the glamorous upper section work. Along with such detailing the neckline truly adds to the glamour.

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