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Picpal… Taking Selfies to another level.

Everyone of us are guilty of indulging in loads of selfies. Yes you there, you too. ;)And then group selfies are even more fun. But what when your groupies aren’t around? I recently quit my full time job to get into blogging completely and suddenly I have found myself alone, most of the times. No crazy banter, no lame jokes and more importantly no anytime selfies!  I miss it.

And during this phase I got a chance to try the PicPal app,
write about it and things got more fun! How?

Well Picpal is
an app that allows you to invite up to 3 friends to take a selfie in real time on their phones. Picpal will combine the pictures to create one entire collage of fun photos which can be shared on our social channels. And when they say real time, it is really really real time!!

When in a mood for a group selfie/ selfie collage, invite your friends and everyone has to get clicking real time and the app allows you to turn it into a collage. It’s like knowing what each other is upto with a selfie collage, makes you feel like you are a part of their lives, of they are doing right now!

Picpal does a great job of bringing friends together one collage at a time. And it being so instant is the major reason behind it. Here you are not posting a stale selfie, it’s happening right then!
I think it will work really well for someone in long distance relationship too. Missing your guy? Why don’t you share a moment? ;)

Why you should try it?
 It keeps you in touch, visually and real time!
  Does not make you feel alone.
  Makes you a part of your friend’s life.
  Fashion lovers and shopaholics, can quickly ask suggestions to multiple friends at a go!
  It’s a fun thing at college campuses too!

Picpal is quiet convenient to use too. You can just login with Facebook and it makes finding friends easier.

It is my latest obsession and am going crazy sharing moments with my friends even when I am working from home, when stuck inside due to rain, when there’s nothing better to do while waiting for the Mumbai traffic to clear….. ;) Give it a try! Download at

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