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My experience with Contacts

Well, wearing glasses is quite a trend these days,
but there are days or outfits which don't call for the extra burden of glasses on your face. 
And on such occasions contact lenses are the way to go... 
I used to wear contacts right from junior college
and thought may be my experience might help you. :)

Here are a few pointers for happy contacts & happy eyes...

1. Soft contact lenses are preferred over the rigid glass ones. They are extremely thin and comfortable to wear. They are made mostly of water, which is why they are soft. You can choose from variety of brands and types of contact lenses.

2. If you are a beginner, before opting for any fancy colors, go for the natural ones. Get used to wearing contacts and then you can experiment all you want. 

3. Reusable lenses need to be cleaned and disinfected. By cleaning and rinsing your contact lenses properly, you’ll eliminate at least 90% of any bacteria.

4. Put your lenses in before you put your makeup on.  Apply eye shadow and liner gently, so you don't jostle or damage your lenses. Use water-resistant mascara and eyeliner to prevent flaking and smudging.

5. Color coordinating lenses with your make-up or outfits can be super fun. Shades of browns, hazels and grays complement the Indian skin tone. 

6. Contact lenses are ideal for travelling. Always make sure you carry extra pair of lense case and solution with you.

7. If you are into sports or any kind of physical activity, wearing contacts will give you crisp vision and freedom of movement without glasses getting in the way.

8. Always remember, if there is any kind of persistent irritation in your eye, get it checked immediately.

Contact lenses gave me freedom from glasses whenever required,
hope it does the same for you too. :)

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