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My Favourites At Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Lakme Fashion Week 2015 saw some great fashion, trends, and styling. I attended Lakmé Fashion Week thanks to Philips and It was an experience of a life time sitting there and watching everything unravel. So ethereal.
The Gauri Khan show and the Wendell Rodricks Show in association with Philips were the highlights for me!

So I am gonna list down a few trends that I absolutely loved on the runways.

Burst of Colors with Neutrals (Popology)

Colors were definitely the highlight of he entire fashion week. But the this particular Popology collection by Wendell Rodricks was something else! I am a fan of color blocking and this collection showed so many ways and combinations to do it. It also showcased a hint of color in perfectly sleek hair. Have been contemplating this kinda highlight from a long time now, seeing it on the runaway made me want it even more. To sum up pop culture blended well in the silhouettes drpaed in flowy materials, colors mixed with neutrals. 

Tropical Prints

Summer means vacay, some beach-time and lots of freshness. So this year they just didn't stick to florals but extended it to tropical prints. Palm leaves and the likes! Gauri Khan showed how to do Tropical Prints Like a Boss!
Verdict? I am totally crushing on it. Need them in wardrobe now, hope I don't go broke. :P


Almost everyone used sheers in their collection but oh they looked so ethereal and so different in each collection.

Art Print

I always believed fashion is an Art and Tarun Tahiliani actually proved it in his Spring Summer 2015 collection. Flowy silhouettes with art print and exotic colors took my breathe away. Chitrangadha literally shopped the show with the masterpiece that she was wearing.

Sleek Hair 
This times looks saw a lot of  chic and sleek styled hair. The highlight was straight but bouncy hair. Nothing that was artificially poker straight! Styling partner for Lakme Fashion week 2015 was Philips and they did a splendid job.

Have you guys followed the LFW religiously? If yes, do tell me your favourite trends too.
Can't wait to incorporate all this in my looks. 
Happy Summer.

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  1. I have been following a lot of fashion bloggers in India and many have had their posts on their favorite from Lakme fashion week but your collection is amazing I guess those were kinda my favorite too.

  2. Hey Blaber Blogger, thanks and it's kind nice to know that we have similar favs. :)
    Keep visiting.

  3. Hey Blaber Blogger, thanks and it's kind nice to know that we have similar favs. :)
    Keep visiting.

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