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Lakme Absolute #HairIsFashion Makeover

If you have been visiting The Style Cocktail for a while now,
you would know that I have never experimented with my hair.
Mainly because whatever I do, my curls over powers the style. 
But when I got a chance to be a part of #HairIsFashion makeover at Lakme Absolute Salon, 
I took it. 
I wanted something new!

Before I go on about my experience at the Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra, take a look at my fav picks from the latest Show Stopping Hair Styles crafted specially by the Lakme Experts.
So I chose Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra for me,
therefore my views are solely about the experience with this particular branch.

I was craving for dramatic and rebellious greyish-purple hair.
But the expert at Lakme made me aware that, that kinda hair style would need my hair to be bleached, a lot! And that she wouldn't personally recommend it as it weakens the hair quality.
I decided to listen to her this time. ;)

We decided to go for global violetish purple shade and streaks as well. 
Here's the before & after. :)
How I got here.
1. They started with a hair-wash to get rid of all the oil and dirt so that the color can latch on perfectly.
2. Then the parts of my mane were bleached where I wanted streaks or ombre like appearance.
3. It was time for a hair-wash again.
4. And then I got my hair colored. :)
5. I had to wait for around half and hour so that my mane could absorb all the violet. ;)
6. Next was a good hair wash with generous application of conditioner.
During this I got some great tips and recommendations by Meenaxi my hairstylist on what products suit my hair and how I should take care of my colored mane.
7. And the haircut and amazing styling according to the shape of my face resulted in my final look.

8.  My mane and me both looked happy.

The color is mostly visible when I am out in sun.
But I am happy, this was a great start.
Now that I am bold enough I can keep the rebellious makeover for the near future.
They say, change your hair change you life!
So if you wish to change your life you can go through Lakme's Show Stopping Range and see if there's something in there you can pick. 
Check out here!

Also if you do decide to get a makeover, remember not to wear light colors as the hair color can bleed for a few days or even while styling. (Learnt from experience. )
 Good Luck. ;) 

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