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Olay Total Effects Face Wash | Review

Have tried many face washes!
Have been in search of one which doesn't tighten the skin from forever now 
and then I got a chance to review Olay Total Effects
 (Day Cream and Face Wash).
I am glad it happened.

Let's talk about the Face Wash first.
It claims to remove excess oil, gets rid of dirt, removes make up,
being gentle on skin, doesn't overdry or breakout.


I have used Olay Total Effects Face Wash for a month now and...
3 Words. I love it.
The highlight of this face wash is that 
it really gets rid of the excess oils and dirt without drying my face.
It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight  like most Face Washes do.
It hasn't caused any breakouts either but anyway my skin doesn't breakout easily (touchwood ;) ), so I am not the best judge in this matter.

The fragrance isn't too harsh, it's pleasant.
The pearly texture is appealing as well and it foams real quick with just a tiny quantity.

The only con that I could find was it takes little effort to take off the Make Up.
But anyway I consider Face Wash's job to be gentle,
make up can be removed using a cream cleanser and cotton too.
So I am OK with it.

But sometimes you need something tough,
at such times I skip Olay and go for a scrub may be.
But currently this Face Wash has been my go to buddy for clean skin.

Also, it claims to be anti-ageing.
Well I can't say whether thats true too as yet.
Mom has been using it and will ask her to give the feedback in moths to come.
Till then if it's really anti-ageing it's cherry on the cake.
I might notice reduction in fine lines if I continue to use it.
Time will tell.

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