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Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream | Review

For me healthy skin isn't a fair one but glowing and spotless.
I have been fighting slight pigmentation since I can remember 
and have been in a search of good day cream that won't break the bank. 

So along with Olay Total Effects Face Wash,
I also got a chance to review the day cream.

It claims to to do following things for you,
Fight the Seven Signs of Aging!

Fine lines and wrinkles

Uneven skin tone
Age spots
Uneven texture

My Experience with 
Olay Total Effects Day Cream
I started using this cream one month ago and I started noticing the difference in couple of days.

My skin gives up on glowing and looking healthy in winter 
but fortunately it hasn't happened this year,
and I am guessing it is because of regular use of Olay Total Effects Day Cream.

I like that it is a compact, travel friendly container
with a press down pump.
Skin tone and texture has evened out marginally.

I am happy with just that too. ;)
The cream's texture is light, quickly absorbs into the skin, takes away dryness without being greasy. I am more than happy now!

Again I cannot judge the anti-aging property as of now.
But if it really does help, it's like better being safe than sorry.

The ingredients aren't mentioned anywhere on the container or packaging.

But did some research and found out that it contains Lanolinwhich supposedly is very good for the skin.
Also, it has SPF 15, so atleast a tiny level of sun protection is guaranteed.

I couldn't really find any con with Olay Total Effects Day Cream.

That's how much I like it. 
With all this it just costs INR 375 for 20g.

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