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American Swan | Review

There are many online shopping portals, providing lots of things and various styles.

Which may be a good thing but not always!
Some people have a specific style, they love to keep that consistent.
Others would want to follow a particular trend and are just looking for something that fits in that trend.

At such times it's great to have a place that caters to one style, appeal may be.
For most of the current trends, I think of American Swan.
It's the perfect stop for all the 90s and Navy fashion, which is quite huge currently.
American Swan is an International online Fashion & Lifestyle brand that combines Urban American Lifestyle with a quintessential European feel, British to be more precise. 

 As soon as you land on their home page,
you know you will get those chic and classic pieces here.
Clean lines, basic colors and a good fit is American Swan.
It caters to both men and women.
And have been crushing on too many pieces at a time.
Not just apparels,
they have pretty decent range of accessories all sticking to it's American-British appeal.
I loved the collection of plaid scarves they house!

The website is extremely easy to navigate,
everything is clean and clear.
No hassles in operation.

American Swan also has an interesting Trends section,
focusing on the latest trends and how you can style them.
I quite like that too.

I am sure if you are looking for a place to find a wide range of 90s and Navy Fashion, 
American Swan is the place to come to.

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