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The Luxe Café: Review

Luxury is our aspiration.

Knowingly or unknowingly we seek luxury.

We love those luxurious experiences, they make us feel exhilarated.

No kidding I gravitate towards all things Luxe.
And I jumped at a chance of Reviewing “The Luxe Café”.

When I reached the landing page, 
I instantly felt a mix of classy & exotic vibe.
And here you will see right away that The Luxe Café covers a wide range of topics right from Fashion & Lifestyle to Travel & Automobiles and Aviation.

The content is curated from the experienced writers, artists and design specialists working together to impart a distinctive look and feel to this e-zine that is reflective of its true credo. Also, there are selected industry experts directly engaging with the readers on how to make informed consumer choices. The Luxe Café envisions a Luxe Consciousness in India and I say they are doing quite a job to bring about this change.

So what’s there in store for you and me?
Well it’s a one stop shop for anyone who appreciates luxury in all forms.
And the cherry on icing is the array of those eyes pleasing photographs. ;)

Come to ‘The Luxe Café’ to know about all the high-end fashion launches, boutiques and styles. You will be awed by the articles on royal home décor. You can read about how to Travel with class.
And let me tell you, they haven’t left any stones unturned because you have an article as luxy as Dummies guide to buying a Business jet. ;)

I am also hoping that they add more in the Décor section as that’s an aspect of luxury I am completely fascinated about. 

Let’s say luxury is all about the finer details of Life and The Luxe Café definitely know that.
Go take a look. :)

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