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Four Fountains Spa Mumbai Review

"Tension is who you think you should be,
Relaxation is who you are."
In these few months, between a full time job & my blog, my mind and body is going through the above identity crisis.
My mind thinks if I am not thinking about work or actually working all the time I am doing something wrong. My body on the other hand is crying for rest.

And luckily I was invited to review the Four Fountains Spa, needless to say I accepted! I visited their Powai branch during a weekend and I must say that was one amazing hour of pampering.

As you enter the premises you are welcomed by a dim glow and soothing scents already.
The in-house doctor counselled me after taking a short stress test and knowing my medical background. Unfortunately I fall in high-stress cataegory. :P
Accordingly, she helped me pick a therapy. I picked an hour long Signature Green Tea Scrubassage as it aimed at destressing and exfoliating as well. 

The therapist was good at what she did.
All the stress knots in my neck and shoulders disappeared after the massage.
She would make sure I was comfortable everytime. There was no awkwardness at all, you are covered with a disposal sheet at all times except for the region they are working on.
And the relaxing ambiance and soothing music playing at all times helped to unwind.

Their shower is a little cramped but highly functional with fluffy towel and shower gels & shampoos. All those feel good fragrant things! ;)

All in all an excellent spa experience, value for money!
I felt like that hour should never end, but we gotta return back to reality in this case extremely relaxed.
My visit to Four Fountains Spa ended with sipping on green tea, a wellness booklet and a small tub of de-stressing gel.

I definitely am coming here again. No kidding!

If you want to too, check out their website for convenient locations for you and also go through the therapies they provide.
And if you do, do share your experience with me. :)

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