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Dove Play Date with Indiblogger

“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them."
-Carrie Bradshaw

And as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City said, I found someone as wild as me.
Team Indiblogger & Dove.
A perfect blend for the much needed Play Date, to let our hair down, throw caution to the wind and have a time of our lives.
Oh yes I did!
It was my first Indiblogger meet and boy it was fun!
The venue was the spectauclar J.W. Marriot. 
It all began with a warmest welcome from the Indiblogger team, a selfie booth, lots of tweeting and some wine.
Our host for the day was the lovely Freisha. She infused so much energy in the whole event. 
Doveplay with Indiblogger

After a little chit chat and introductions we proceeded to a part of the event that I loved and enjoyed the most. ZUMBA!!!
Yes hips swaying, twerking, Gangnam and all the crazy moves kept us entertained.
It was indeed a perfect warm-up as we eased into the each other's company, leaving behind any inhibitions. 
I made a note that being healthy can be fun too with Zumba! 

It followed with loads of fun games including some hula hooping, life size jigsaw puzzle and trying out a few fun hairstyles.
Burnt a lot of calories in the proccess. :P


We got our hair styled by the dove hair experts, everything felt so glam.
And to make everything even more glamorous, we had a pool side 'cocktail making' contest. Make-over & cocktails, what else could a girl ask for?

The burnt calories were back, doubly! The sumptuous spread for the dinner left me confused.
With so many varieties and options I didn't know what to pick.
I settled for some cheesy Italian food and loads of deserts, ;) 

The evening ended with even more cocktails, an energetic flash mob and a dance floor. I was so glad I came. :)
We received a pretty goody bag with treasures inside.
A hair straightener, Dove Intense Repair shampoo and Conditioner & a very pretty hair pin
The hamper told us to go play with our hair and I sure did.
Take a look. :)


Indiblogger and Dove celebrated the spirit of womanhood and gave them a chance to forget about every worry that bogs them down and just have some fun.
I returned home with some unforgettable memories and a resolve to experiment more with my hair.
Thank you Indiblogger & Dove for all the awesomeness! :)
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