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{ Pastels & Sorbets }

Me not wearing black?
Yes me not wearing black!!! 
If you guys might have noticed there's always a black element in my outfit. 

I happen to automatically gravitate towards black.

But this time I am wearing the most latest trends from the runway, pastels & sorbets.
These happy and fresh hues have been everywhere from fashion weeks, magazine to online stores.
I have finally dared to try it.
Dared because I was of the belief that pastel and sorbet hues weren't meant for the dusky skin.
Glad that I proved myself wrong! ;)

Mint top: Shop Similar | Shorts: Shop similar
Envelope Clutch: Shop Similar | Ear cuff & golden rings: Forever 21
Blue ring & Golden Hand Cuff: Thrifted | Footwear: Mom's. :)

I am loving how fresh and energizing they look. They kinda make my skin tone look golden, no? ^_^
I am also toying with the idea of wearing yellow and pushing my comfort zone. Yes I never wear yellow.

But soon I am going too.
I am big time in this spring mode! :)

Girls, let me know what you feel, are light colors not meant for dusky complexions? 
Or everyone can wear most colors, it's more about how you pair it and carry it?

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  1. I believe dusky complexioned can and should wear any colours they want to.....just that they should know how to carry it off well and of course confidence!!!

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