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{ India Circus }

Sure the classic beige, black and white will remain eternally fashionable, 

but our Indian soul needs a little more than that.

We need the pop of colors, splash of designs and eye catching master pieces that suit our vibrant personalities.

India Circus, gives you just that in the right measures.
Nothing too less, nothing too much!
The designs allow us to bring out our innate brilliance and keeps us attached to our Roots. Desi & designer equals mind-blowing fashion statement, be it in your outfit, home decor or your technology.

I am glad to have received a cute and a vibrant Mini Tablet Sleeve from India Circus, will be hosting a giveaway soon. :)

The color is that of The Style Cocktail, 

so without any doubt it's one of my favorite colors. 
The quirky Meter Down design makes it even better. Quality wise too the sleeve is real sturdy and also light in weight. I absolutely loved it and it can be yours soon.

I went through the India Circus website like an obsessed lover and found some pretty amazing things.

All added  in my wishlist. Sharing with you too. :)

Their Vases are in themselves a piece of art.
Enough to light up any corner.

The extremely exotic cushion covers.
All are special and have a story to tell.
Select a story for own bedroom :)

And you will find a touch of Desi Quirk to all their apparels.

Make your technology fashionable too. :)
Some amazing tablet sleeves and phone covers.
And I can't get the laptop sleeves & bags out of my head.

And saving the best for the last is the super awesome collection of bags!!!
According to my experience there are no hassles in delivery or the product quality.
Go ahead add the touch of pop desi culture to your outfit and TO your home. :)

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  1. Love the review :)
    India Circus is one of my personal favorites and I love their ipad mini cases and covers, gonna buy one soon!
    following your blog

    1. Thanks for the follow! :)
      Yea, I plan to buy one for my phone too. LOVE THEM!

      The Style Cocktail