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{ Post Diwali Detox }

Looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to your perfect Diwali body? We know that we are all guilty of gorging on too many sweets and those oily snacks. 
Also, how could we deny our loved ones from feeding us those tasty delicacies, no?

Don’t beat yourself up now, because I was doing that too. I realized in time that a Post-Diwali Detox might just be what I really need.

Post Diwali Detox

Here is what I have lined up for myself; 
it will surely help you too.

  • Make H2O your best friend:  Yes however clich├ęd it might be, drinking lots of water makes a lot of difference. You can also squeeze a lemon or two, add mint leaves to give it some flavor. Helps to eliminate toxins and takes away the bloated feeling, leaving you feeling lighter.  
  • Go Green:  Fresh leafy veges and fruits look good and feel good too.  If you want to get back in shape really, from deep within your heart, you have to somehow eat green veges too.  I know they don’t taste as good as cupcakes and pasta, but remember this – A moment on your lips, forever on your hips. You decide!
  • Walk walk walk: 30 min walk in the morning and then another 30 mins at night will keep you energized and help you burn calories too. I have my playlist and shoes ready. :)
  • Bye bye sugar: Cut back on sugar cause frankly the craving is just in your head and your body doesn’t need it all the time.

Do not starve yourself or go on ‘only juice’ diet. It’s not healthy and has bad repercussion.

And girls let me know if you are joining me on this Detox. :)

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  1. WOW....nice informative post. I will try these out!

    1. Thanks. :)
      Do try and let me know the results.

      The Style Cocktail

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