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{About Me}

Hey I am Saily, social media strategist turned full time blogger at my very own The Style Cocktail. 

The Style Cocktail started out of much love for fashion & photography. As they say,"Love what you do and do what you Love"... Fashion and Lifestyle blogging fit perfectly in this phrase for me.

With this blog I aim to inspire and help my readers to lead a beautiful life, which I myself am trying ever since I can remember. I believe dressing up, home decor, eating out, travelling, reading and all these small things combined with love add beauty to our daily lives.

The Style Cocktail's current focus is majorly fashion. Coming from an average Indian middle class family, I always would work with a mix of thrift and branded. Fashion & Style doesn't always have to be expensive and you will find out how to balance this in my blogs.
My personal style mostly depends on my variety of moods and whims. It can range from being a total basics girl, a chic city girl, an urban hipster to down right bohemian.

So, everything here is a Stylish cocktail, you might love it more and more with every sip.

P.S. I loveee my readers, they keep me going. Thank you for being a part of this.

In this entire journey, The Style Cocktail has worked with several brands to create engaging editorial stories. Ritu Kumar, MynTra, India Circus, Nine West, Pretty Secrets, Blinglane, AskMe Bazaar... to name a few!

Along with this written blog, have ventured into videos and I am quite enjoying creating video stories too. Makes story telling and interaction all the more fun.

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