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Things that rock my week... Jan 20

Highlight of this spectacular week was mainly shopping! The sale season was completely put to use.
I repeat no amount of shopping is ever enough. There is always something new and interesting somewhere and somehow I detect it, always!

So got these super comfortable and cute Juicy Couture flip flops at an amazing price.
Since then have I have been wearing them everywhere. 

One evening while just loitering around with friends found this another Chinese joint named Lomchin Wok. Which is a combination of authentic Chinese and Thai food.
Yummy is the first word that comes to my mind.

One of my dearest friend took me to a stationary shop to show me a weird pen. She knew I would like it as eccentric as I am.
A key to a Merc and a pen in one! :P
I decided to surprise Mr.S with Ferrari instead. :)

An other breezy evening was full of light moments and silly fun!
Bubbles, one of my fav things left me overjoyed. 

It's been since long that I have been wanting to try something new. And my wish was granted with this new Sbarro outlet! Loved it and plan to visit again soon.

I was the happiest when I got my delivery from Flipkart.
A 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' tote, what more could I ask for!!!
The burst of colors and zing of this bag spices up any damn outfit in the world.

I always need an escape to some other world.
And this world of Revenge has got me hooked. I watch Revenge back to back for hours these days!
If you guys like Thrillers you should definitely watch it. 

Hope you have a great week ahead, I sure will! :)

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