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Sexy in time for New Year's Eve.

The most exciting planning that goes on for New Years is about what outfit to wear! And no ones going to settle for less. 

Lovelies, we all are eyeing those LBDs and tiny sequin dresses. And these pretty wraps don't look very alluring with bumps and curves at unwanted places.

So here's what you can do to get in shape and get in that New Year's Dress.

1. The very cliched one but also very true. Drink loads of water. It flushes out all the toxins. 

2. Dispose off all the leftover sweets and snacks from the Holiday season. It's OK if u dump them outside instead of dumping in your tummy.

3. Stick to eating home made meals as much as possible. Don't complain, you know why you are doing this. And it's completely worth it. Keep distance, a lot of distance from processed food.

4. For your weird cravings and mid-night snacks, stack up with healthy stuff like flavored yogurt, nuts and cornflakes. But even with this keep the portions small.

5. Avoid too much of alcohol. If possible stay away from it for few days. It's just few days now gals!

6. Limit your sodium intake. Sodium holds onto water. Cutting back on sodium can help you lose at least a pound or two of water weight. This means cutting down on processed foods. 

7. Do NOT eat after 8 PM!! Your metabolism is low at that time.

8. Whatever happens, do not skip meals. It does not help you in any way.

9.  Add a little exercise too. Your favorite kind of activity like dancing, cycling etc can do wonders!

10. Last but very important, stay away from gassy food stuffs and Carbonated drinks on the D-day. Else you will have a bloated tummy, which is not a very attractive sight in those LBDs

I am totally following this. :)


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